Sunday, July 19, 2009

Upcoming Books For June and July

For July 2009

Seven Slash Range
by Bennett Foster
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

Rider of Death Valley
by Dane Coolidge
Leisure Books

Valley of Outlaws
by Max Brand
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

The Quest
by Max Brand
Five Star Western Series Hardcover

Long Bow
by Lauran Paine
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

Six-Gun Caballero
by L. Ron Hubbard
Galaxy Press

from Midwest Book Review
"The plunging action of Six-Gun Caballero takes place on the ranch of Michael Patrick Obannon, who finds the one thousand acres he inherited from his father overrun by a band of renegades bent on keeping the land themselves. The plot pits Obannon's raw courage against seemingly unsurmountable odds as he makes a lone stand against the desparadoes. The late L. Ron Hubbard wrote hundreds of novels and short stories in the fields of science fiction, mystery, action/adventure, and westerns. Six-Gun Caballero is a "time lost" classic from 1938. Highly recommended for all western adventure fans."

The Cowpuncher
by Bradford Scott
Leisure Books

Shadow On The Land
by Wayne D. Overholser
Five Star Western Series Hardcover

Zane Grey's Lassiter: Brothers Gun
by Jack Slade
Leisure Books

For June 2009

Range of the Golden Hoofs
by John Trace
Leisure Books

The Trial of Apache Junction
by Lewis B. Patten
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

"Sheriff Owen Buck has Johnny McGrath in jail, waiting to hang for killing the man who was hired to evict him from his homestead. To make matters worse, he's also accused of raping the judge's wife! Buck is caught between the demands of the cattlemen — who long to see McGrath hanged — and the settlers, who want him to go free. And as Buck tries to keep the peace, Apache Junction seethes with violence simmering beneath the surface, just waiting to erupt into a bloody hell. Sheriff Owen Buck is an honorable man and won't be swayed. He'll do what is right and then pick up the pieces of his town."

Lawman: Massacre Trail
by Lyle Brandt

This is the fourth in a traditional Western series starring gambler turned lawman Jack Slade.

"U.S. Deputy Marshal Jack Slade must stop cross-country carnage.

"The homestead killers have been cutting a bloody swath across Oklahoma Territory, leaving behind a trail of corpses, slaughtering whole families on isolated farms and stealing their livestock. Slade follows the trail of bloodshed to the town of Paradise, where he aims to stop the butchers— before Paradise becomes a hell on earth."

Cutthroat Canyon
by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
Pinnacle Books

Despite being gone for the past several years, William W. Johnstone keeps churning out fun potboiler Westerns. Digging deep into the writer's left over files, J.A. Johnstone (relative or pseudonym?) builds on ideas the elder Johnstone left unfinished. Cutthroat Canyon is the third in the new Sidewinders series.

"Sometimes, it's bad to be good. That's what happens when Scratch Morton and Bo Creel are rewarded with a gold mine for saving a rich man's bacon. The catch: this mine is a magnet for marauding Mexican banditos. Budding capitalists, Scratch and Bo fight back. That's when they discover that the thieves aren't who they thought they were, some really bad guys are on the way, and a beautiful woman might just be the most dangerous bandit of all - the kind that can steal your heart. For Scratch and Bo, this gold mine might make them rich. But it's more likely to get them killed - just as soon as they can figure out who wants them dead..."

Wheel of Fortune
by Max Brand
Leisure Books

The Hunkpapa Scout: A Western Trio
by Will Henry
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

By Way of Wyoming
By Curtis Bishop
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

Bishop was an old hand at the pulps. He appears to have spent much time writing for sports pulps like Fight Stories, The All-America Sports Magazine, Best Sports, Football Stories, Baseball Stories, and Ten Story Sports; and for the Western pulps of the '30s and '40s like Lariat Story Magazine, Texas Rangers, Big-Book Western Magazine, and Western Action. A Tennesseean by birth, Bishop died in at the age of 55.

Range Feud
by Ray Hogan
Five Star Western Series Hardcover

"On his way to his friend's ranch, Jess Holloway sees two men spooking a herd of cattle into a stampede, running toward a butte's sudden rim. If they go over the rim, the cattle will be killed. There is no way Jess can know that in trying to stop the stampede, in tangling with the two riders who instigated it, he is going up against men working for his friend, and that such an effort will make him hated at the very ranch he intends to ramrod."

Son of a Fast Gun
by Hascal Giles
Center Point Large Print Hardcover

Santa Fe Wagon Boss
by Cliff Farrell
Thorndike Large Print Western Series Hardcover

The Ridgerunner
by Ray Hogan
Thorndike Large Print Western Series Hardcover